Kickstarting a prismatic, hat-brim mounted heads-up display for your phone


I find myself firmly in that camp too - just wanted to make an appeal that was neutral on the validity of the product itself, so it wasn’t just a “looks dumb” post. But ya, looks dumb.


In dangerous situations, you can yank it off and smack somebody with it, right?


If they get above the $100k mark, then a weight-balancing/stabilizing battery pack that gets mounted on the rear of the cap will also be offered. :wink:


Which moves the center of gravity but does nothing to the angular momentum of the mass-on-a-stick.

Good idea, I’d say. But needs some reengineering.

I should try it. Maybe with semitransparent mirrors instead of prisms…


Time for Kickstopper to be a real thing.

Bugs with the new BBS system
Bugs with the new BBS system

why does this remind me of the visorganizer?


I am in love with everything on this box. Fanny packs are definitely too embarrassing.


Bum bags, please.


In fairness to the project’s organizer, it is entirely possible that any work they had done previously was done under NDA for an employer - he or she may not legally be able to talk about it or take credit for it.


In the future, only hillbillies, truck-drivers, and NASCAR-fans will have HUDs.

The rest of the populace will be neo-hipsters with abacuss abacacussess abaci.

It already failed to stop that unspeakably non-euclidean cooler, so why bother now.

Maybe they’ll use Scrum!


“Carry up to 7 lbs” !?!

But I do love the caveat “as safe and secure as the hat on your head”…meaning it is likely unwise to balance your valuables on the brim of your ‘get your hands off my guns, but boobs are fine’ ball cap.


And repairmen and engineers of all kinds and sales people and doctors/nurses and geologists and… and…

…and to hell with the neohipsters.


Nope, in the future repairmen and engineers of all kinds and sales people and doctors/nurses and geologists will all either be hillbillies, truck-drivers or NASCAR-fans, or they’ll be neo-hipsters.

You have 4 choices; make sure you make the right one.


Todo: Learn truck driving. The world looks best from the truck cabin, according to the rides I had.



PLUS: you’ll have a HUD on your trucker-cap!


I have to ask, what code do I use to get those breaks between responses? Because I’d use that.


Easiest way is to just put in a <hr>

Edit: that is actually the hardest… the easiest is the 3x asterisk, dash, or underline.


Not only a trucker cup (I don’t really care about these but neither do I mind them) with a HUD (waaant), but also a cool rig to drive. Vrrrroooommmmm!

On a side note, if you want some good trucking country, Matti Esko is a good bet.

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