Kickstarting a prismatic, hat-brim mounted heads-up display for your phone


Because Google Glass has added all that cool cache to everyone that people need to get on the bandwagon?

No fedora option? For shame…


A bit too long. Too much weight on too long mount. The phone will move around too much during walking or driving/riding, leading to discomfort both by dynamic loads on head and neck and by the image not being perfectly-enough static.

The same length of optical path could be achieved by mounting the phone on standoffs on the brim, and putting the prisms much closer to eyes.

I see it pretty useful if combined with a hard hat.

Delightfully silly.

I’m confused, though, by the funding reported on that Kickstarter page. Apparently, he’s raised over $10,000, but I only see 8 backers and they’ve all pledged <$200. KS bug?

Edit: Or, at least, those eight backers have only selected rewards <$200. I’m guessing one of them is pledging the full 10 grand.

Edit edit: I wish there were a way to edit your post to un-reply to someone you didn’t mean to reply to.

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I think the US has now officially surpassed Japan in stupid ways to add technology to everything.


It is inevitable that, soon enough, most people are going to experience an augmented world almost all day long.

That shift is going to make the pre-internet/post-internet transition look like nothing. I don’t think we can possibly imagine how different things are going to be because of it.


I’m confused… Is this some sort of exercise inducing device?


Luckily your new iPhone 6+ can mold itself to the brim so you don’t have to have one of those stock flat brims.


Alternate headline: “Kickstarting a Birth Control Hat”


It’s very fishy that a KS with a $300 goal has raised 10K on 8 backers, 3 donating $1, the rest all in the high-end reward levels (meaning at least one person backed it for way above their chosen reward level.) Also, that they have no plan for production, according to their description, between raising $300, and raising $100K. That’s a massive gap. Doesn’t seem like an honest KS campaign. If they get $50K worth of orders, is their plan to 3D print those units (~5000) in their kitchen?

With nothing shown by way of a software devkit… this is all just a bit of a red-flag to me. They’ve slotted 2.5 months for software development!? Yikes!

Would not back! Would caution others likewise!

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Software development timescales notwithstanding, I wouldn’t back it for ‘it’s a fucking stupid hat’ reasons.


I find myself firmly in that camp too - just wanted to make an appeal that was neutral on the validity of the product itself, so it wasn’t just a “looks dumb” post. But ya, looks dumb.

In dangerous situations, you can yank it off and smack somebody with it, right?


If they get above the $100k mark, then a weight-balancing/stabilizing battery pack that gets mounted on the rear of the cap will also be offered. :wink:

Which moves the center of gravity but does nothing to the angular momentum of the mass-on-a-stick.

Good idea, I’d say. But needs some reengineering.

I should try it. Maybe with semitransparent mirrors instead of prisms…

Time for Kickstopper to be a real thing.


why does this remind me of the visorganizer?


I am in love with everything on this box. Fanny packs are definitely too embarrassing.

Bum bags, please.