Kickstarting a sequel to Scott "Kids in the Hall" Thompson's Danny Husk comic


Superman has his Lex Luthor, Sherlock Holmes has his Doctor Moriarty.
Bingo The Clown is Danny Husk’s nemesis.

Among other things, I am almost sure it was Bingo who pointed the AT&Love boss to Husk’s past as porn actor Blade Rogers. What Bingo didn’t count on, was that AT&Love had indirectly acquired Knob o’ Throb films, so his plan to be rid of Husk once and for all backfired. That’s my theory, anyway.

Why doesn’t Scott do a commercial for a car dealership in Saskatoon to come up with the money?

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The one thing missing from Volume 1 was a Bingo cameo (there were other KITH easter eggs, though)

Perhaps Volume 2 could correct that…

Is one of those Easter eggs a Buddy Cole cameo? Because if so, I’m in.

Wait… hold on. Back up the bus. SCOTT THOMPSON WROTE A COMIC??? How did I not know this? I suck for not knowing this.

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