Kickstarting a US show of pieces by Japanese weavers with autism



So these autistic Japanese weavers, how many hours will they be working every week to fill all the orders?

Love this sort of thing. Backed. :smile:

As the rewards will be made to order in the NYC studio, while the items for the show are being woven in Japan (each designer being paired with a single weaver), probably zero.


Probably fewer than Americans would be working.

/go to the year 2013, sort them by number of hours.
//while you’re there: lazy Mexicans?


You’re right, I was too cynically focused on the intersection between the textile industry and autism.

This will probably be great.


What’s going on with Greece? Can that be right?

Do you mean that you’re shocked, SHOCKED! to discover that the media weren’t quite portraying reality when they were covered the ‘austerity’ measures imposed on them?

I was shocked, SHOCKED! that Greece averaged such a high number of hours worked per capita while saddled with a 25% unemployment rate (vs. single digit unemployment in many countries that work fewer hours per capita). But I think for OECD purposes, you’re only a worker if you’re gainfully employed. Having the potential to work but no opportunity to do so means you’re invisible to this statistic.

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Me, I blame the ‘austerity’ measures.

And it’s worse than just high unemployment.

/I’m quite sure that there was a better way.

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It looks somewhat different from the plush offices in the International Monetary Fund and other money-pushers.

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