Kickstarting an adult coloring book: 99 Ways to Die


This seems like an effing awesome idea until you realise that if you child finds these and takes them at a (US) school…well get ready for swat teams and counselling and psychologists and 24hr coverage from fox news and and and and perhaps even removing said child from your custody.


I don’t have children :smile:


Think subversive. PLANT them in kindergarten classrooms. . . sit back and enjoy spectacle of concern-trolls in full bloom. . .

And if you’re REALLY thinking subversion. . . add copies of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Can’t have children actually READING those, they might get dangerous ideas, like that they’re free citizens, and not controlled consumption-production units in the Corporate State. . .

I wouldn´t dare showing artwork of this quality to my own family, much less ask strangers to give me money for a whole book of it.


now that is an interesting idea !

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