Kickstarting Flotsam, an RPG about "marginalized people in space"

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The relentless effects of Poverty

…for a fun evening’s roleplaying!

Also, this reminds me of the Space Rastas. What novel were they in? Neuromancer maybe?

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Thanks for sharing, this setting is my jam… But I have concerns with the system.
I am reminded of Polaris, another diceless system, and gmful game. I really enjoy Polaris but it doesn’t get much play, as it requires a lot of all of the players.

My concern is that it’s hard to play a marginalized or oppressed person that the fact that you are comes down to other players enforcing that marginalization. Dice let us offload that burden. We can blame the dice. Never mind that you never had good odds to begin with.

Does look to be inspired by Apocalypse World, and the PDF sample looks exellent, I might pick it up.

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