Kickstarting Kudzilla: a kudzu-covered monster roadside attraction


Note that King Ghidora is not amused by this project:

I’ll kick in some money so he can hire a pronunciation coach. It’s not cud-zoo (rhymes with bud or dud), it’s “koo-dzoo”, (rhymes with lulu or scoobedoo).

Funny - the people in GA who are eyebrow deep in it say kudzu as in ‘crud zoo’. It appears the language has mutated without your specific permission…again.

where in the South do you live?


The Republic of Texas, thanks.

Yeah, that’s some weird-ass Texas thing. It’s cud-zoo in Arkansas.

Will it be covered in ranch dressing?

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North Florida checks in with cud-zoo or could-zoo; close as it gets to a long ‘u’.
The stuff even grows in Texas?!

I expect we shall soon see the true origin of godzilla. Random chemical spill nearby, reactor leak, who knows? Kudzulla comes to life, stomps all over the South…

huh. TN and GA reporting. we say “cud-zoo.” :beers:

well, it is “the vine that ate the South” :^)

As an avid BoingBoing reader, a native plants enthusiast who would love to literally ‘demonize’ kudzu (pronounced ‘cud-zoo’) and coincidentally vice-chair of the Chapel Hill planning board, I’d love to have you build your monument near your alma mater. I mention the planning board because we don’t currently have a zoning district for 'gigantic flame-breathing animatronic statues to invasive species," but perhaps we should. :smile:

If it weren’t for the Duke Power easement, there’s a spot only just about five hundred yards down the hill from town hall that would be perfect.!data=!1m8!1m3!1d3!2d-79.055543!3d35.921983!2m2!1f286.2!2f96.49!4f75!2m7!1e1!2m2!1sMIGHXJZX0TBY0T9OmxLgvA!2e0!5m2!1sMIGHXJZX0TBY0T9OmxLgvA!2e0&fid=5

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The Reverend Will B. Dunn approves.

I was Southern born and Southern bred and when I die I’ll be Southern dead. My grandparents lived in Montgomery, AL, where the local newspaper’s tagline was “Covering the South like Kudzu.”

Kudzu Godzilla is a good idea.

The problem isn’t an overabundance of kudzu - it’s an underpopulation by goats. Kudzu has been shown (GA Ag. Dept.) to be just about the perfect food for Billy and all his gf’s. Show me a kudzu monument with goats improbably juxtaposed all over it, and I’ll show you the new premier tourist attraction of the entire South!

(Quietly, humming to myself) ‘Look awayyyyy, look away, look wayyyy…’

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