Kickstarting Operator: a censorship-resistant, shape-shifting newsreader


Backed! I am so excited for this project. Check out this talk Brandon Wiley gave at Defcon gave explaining the principles behind Operator.

My current RSS newsreader appears to get around censorship in China already–I can read posts from Blocked on Weibo and other blogs even without a VPN. But I suspect this is just because the reader (and whatever proxy it’s using) is obscure enough to have not been noticed yet.

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Backed, freedom is mostly a good thing and the best way to get an overall nice society. (Waits for the accusations that this technology will overcome filters for crime and nasty porn)

I found the same when I was using gReader in China, although audio/video often still wouldn’t get through.

Using the internet in China made me pretty paranoid sometimes. Some days you could access a number of sites, then the next day most of those sites would be blocked. Maybe the government gives you a little line to explore ways around the system, then blocks those avenues? Going to often worked as a reset button, but at times it seemed that anything that wasn’t in Chinese was restricted.

I’ve found the same regarding video. My reader appears to embed it, but not run it through their proxy.

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