UK ISP's "active choice" on censorship: if you want censorship, go somewhere else, like North Korea




Loves me some British snark.


From the linked page, regarding gag orders placed on businesses who cooperate with the government - “However, I, as director, am happy to answer direct questions on this matter on irc (user RevK) or on twitter (@TheRealRevK) and you can get paranoid if I refuse to.”


I live in the US, but I would like to purchase internet service from this company. Can I do that? If so, can use it to watch the BBC iPlayer?


You’ll need a 4000-mile-long CAT-5 cable. Hang on, lemme get my spool.


This is probably the best possible advert for their service.

The second best advert will be if/when their site doesn’t go down when the BB readership goes to take a look.


Unfortunately, this may not fly, as I believe a move to North Korea would be considered a form of opting in to censorship, not out. I wonder how the screws will respond?


They are full of win. They even tell people to use pgp for email further down on that page.


I am saddened that it looks as if their service is both slower and more expensive than our current service. Otherwise, I’d go have a chat with my better half immediately about switching. No joke.


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