Kickstarting single-use unlubricated monocles


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These don’t have a stated lens type, or seem to be offered in any variety. The “unlubricated” things is sort-of amusing, but these seem otherwise fairly useless.

If you check the comic at Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, the real reason to sign up is:

“Please do your part to make me right and my wife wrong.”

Hey, the monocle returned as a fashion statement more than a year ago. I’m grateful someone is promoting safe eyewear.


I’m sure there is a “one-eyed” joke in here somewhere, but I’m comically challenged and therefore unable to fully develop an appropriately amusing quip…

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Merely wearing a monocle provides an intrinsic bonus to zepplin operation, pre-petroleum heat engine repair, and any skill checks involving knowledge of thermodynamics. Hardly useless.


Sure, but it’s hard enough to find a nice real monocle, so I find offering fake ones to be kind of hokey and mildly annoying.


I’m a trifle surprised that one or more of the stack-em-deep-sell-em-cheap online glasses supply huts hasn’t taken a stab at the monocle market.

They are the sort of thing that would be a nontrivial pain to fab, with quality, in quantity 1; and likely a bit expensive; but given what those places can afford to sell glasses for, including grinding to your prescription, I’d naively think that they might be able to adapt the tooling for whatever pair of glasses is closest to being two monocles combined and then sell you half of that at a pretty reasonable price.


Warby Parker offers a monocle.

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Unfortunately, monocles are supposed to be fitted to your eye socket so they remain in place without having to squint and train to hold in place.

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I would absolutely give this to my teenage son, and his birthday is coming up…

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This is so gloriously stupid that I’m 100% certain it’ll get funded.


Oh, it nearly is already.

I’ve found that the monocle I bought with a bit of gallery to it, wire extensions that hold the lens away from the eye some small distance, stay in reasonably well. You can bend them a bit to adjust the fit.

Not so good a solution as having a special frame made from a cast of your eye socket, but acceptable for the price. Certainly better than just a lens with a metal ring around it.

These guys sell 'em for $50 a pop, plus you get an old-timey furlong joke for free!

Sorry Zach. I am 100% with your wife on this one.

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Plus, if you’re a farsighted pirate you don’t want to waste money on twice as many lenses as you’ll actually use.


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