Kickstarting turning Walt Disney's birthplace into a museum


OK, I’ll ask. Why are a couple of theme park designers doing this instead of the Walt Disney Company or the Disney family? $500K would be pocket change for the people who recently spent untold millions to build the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco.

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If only Mr. Disney had been more of a success, maybe he would have left behind a legacy worth billions dollars and wholly capable of financing such projects on its own.


The Walt Disney Company is actually working on just such a project. Thing is they are sticklers for Disney tradition , so they are trying to use eminent domain to seize the child hood home of Ub Iwerks and claim it as Walts.


It would be nice if they did something like that for the old Laugh-O-Gram Studios building. I mean, it’s only Walt’s first animation studio, and where he (reportedly) dreamed up Mickey Mouse.

I am not so sure if they are well on their way to getting funded. Kicktraq shows that they got $18000 on the second day, but have been averaging less than $5000 per day.

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