Kids deliver intense cover of Nine Inch Nails classic 'Wish'

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That was fun. I wasn’t really expecting “Gotta listen to your big time hard line bad luck fist fuck”, but changing it to “fist bump” was odd.

Reminds me of the Devo 2.0 project from Disney where they put together a band of teens and had them do Devo covers, but Disney sanitized. Changing “It’s a beautiful world for you. It’s not for me” to “And me too” kind of changes the entire meaning of the song…


It bookends the video that opens with the girl’s friends just staring at their own phones while droning Happy Birthday.


Let kids sing the real lyrics.

Eh, they wanted to kids to be able to view and share without parents getting too weird about it.
Also, changing that lyric might help keep that snippet from making the rounds on the pedophile networks. Anyone who posts content involving kids has been incredibly careful about removing anything that could attract the predator stalker

The replacement was well done


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This foundation has apparently been doing this sort of this for awhile. This Tool cover is from 10 years ago. It’s awesome.


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Seems a little unnecessary. Why not just choose a song equally hard-core song that you don’t have to censor? So many other songs to cover. I hope they don’t cover NWA.

Maybe they covered that song, because they like it… :woman_shrugging: Is changing a word really so bad? Does it actually matter that much? I mean, Johnny Cash’s cover of Hurt is also “censored”, and I don’t really hear people worrying about that…


A nice touch is that the end melody that plays over the iPhone opening is from another NIN song, “The Perfect Drug”

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