Kids interview Macklemore

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My Question List:

“How did you get to be famous with one of the weakest MC voices ever recorded?”

“Why didn’t you pass your Grammy on to Kendrick instead of sending him some lame ass apology tweet?”

“How did your hack shit get chosen over Kendrick!?!?”

“Where is Kanye when you need him to walk up on stage and intercept an undue reward…”

“Kid was only 99 cents.”

Maybe that’s a question for the people who made him famous.

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Are you wearing a Garanimals shirt?

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I am completely ambivalent about his music, but I love this interview, and his rapport here. Would love to bump into him in a coffee shop and just have a regular chat with him, without any discussion of music. I’m not sure I would recognize him if the time comes, especially if he’s wearing a wig and funny hat, so who knows, it may happen one day.

This is a good one, too, a kid interviewing Ogre from Skinny Puppy:

Ogre has become quite a sweet dude, hasn’t he?


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