Macklemore surprises his grandma with a 'Glorious' 100th birthday


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Oh, ah… sniffle… be right back, I gotta make a phone call…

(Gran? Gran? It’s me… no, it’s ME! Gran, it’s ME, your youngest grandson! No… the OTHER one! No, not the criminal, gran, the one with the job. Yes, right!)



They were partying like it was 1999.


That was awesome. Granny is a good looking centenarian!


Fantastic showing by someone who by all accounts is a good person.


That was such a great video I barely paid heed to the music. Plus, Modesto a town I’m oddly fond of.


That was awesome. Thanks for sharing. :heart_eyes:

That is, as the cool kids say, one hoopy frood.


I wish I could call my Gram. I miss her.

Nice one; thanks for sharing.


I’m uncool and old, but (or therefore?) I never really understood the grief Macklemore gets. He seems like a good guy to me, someone who wants to do right. But all I hear is what a poser he is, or how he’s trying too hard, or something. I don’t know. This is a sweet video, parts of the “Thrift Store” video were filmed down the street from me, and some people from my wife’s band appeared in one of his videos, so I like him.


I might have cried a little.


People tend to correlate someone’s ability to write a decent song with their actually being a decent person, which is nonsense. There’s more than a few of my favourite musicians that are probably complete wankers.

I’d never go out of my way to listen to Macklemore’s stuff, but he seems like a really solid dude that’d be a blast to hang out with.


I find him pretty as a paint-by-numbers rapper and performer as most of his peers in the 2010s. But if you ever want to see my middle-aged ass shaking like I was in my 20s again Thrift Shop is the song you should use.

As for the hate? I think he’s like Nelson during the Hair Metal era. Not the worst example of the genre, just one of the most prominent practitioner of the cliches of it. I don’t share this hate and don’t think it’s logical since Drake is much more deserving of scorn.


Age is a state of mind.


I hereby request a video


This gif will give you the full effect


There’s even something more than this I suspect. Something more wrong with basic human nature.

People seem to want to believe that X famous or successful person has some sort of deep seated pathology. Example: Macklemore. Seems like a reasonably talented decent person. Nah. He must eat babies on the side. Or kick puppies. There’s got to be something wrong with him. Otherwise I feel insufficient in comparison. Nope dude, some people are just more towards one end of the bell curve than you are. Sorry.


I have my [grandmothers name]'s kettle. Sometimes I still have a tea with her. :slight_smile:


people with deeply seated pathologies believe that, pathologically and deeply. I don’t think anyone else bothers, Dunning-Kruger and all that.


You lousy internet jerks! You made me feel good about humanity! Also, that part where the fireman stripper was doing a head stand between the old lady’s legs made me laugh really hard.