Killer cop off to jail for shooting unarmed black man in back


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Knowing that there is a one in a million chance they’ll have to face the consequences of their actions should scare these thug cops straight!

But yeah, it’s a start.


“You know what a cop fears most? More than getting shot, more than anything? Prison. Getting locked up with everybody you put away.”


Good news. Unless and until officers/supervisors who help cops like this falsify reports or otherwise cover up their conduct face criminal penalties along with losing their jobs and pensions, it’s going to be pretty hard to change the culture very much.

The conspiracy charges against that officers who lied to try to protect the officer who shot Laquon McDonald in Chicago is going to be an interesting test case for this kind of thing. ( If they get off, it’s a very, very bad sign.


Wow. So it can happen. I feel like I just saw a unicorn or something.


Adios asshole.


It’s South Carolina. North Charleston is in South Carolina


you make him dengerous?


Body Count’s so rad, even now in 2017.
Here, another one because it’s so damn spot on.


The dangerous part had more to do with the context of the show. But before that little bit of dialogue I’d never really thought of what prison time means for a policeman.


it was an orthographic observation



Dogs and cats living together?


about fucking time.


Perhaps it won’t be completely gone, but certainly drastically reconfigured.


South Carolina.


A SOUTH Carolina cop who shot an unarmed black man in the back is going to jail for at least 19 years.

Just helping out. :slight_smile:


A cop in jail.

Let the games begin.


I’d like to say this makes me happy but it doesn’t because, when all is said and done, Walter Scott still died for no reason.