Louisville cops won't be punished for Breonna Taylor death — Protests break out around U.S.

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the fbi crime lab says the fatal shot came from a louisville officer’s gun.

louisville crime labs begs to differ.

of course they do.


Okay, well, I don’t know what the police are expecting normal people to do now.

Maybe it’snnot a terrible thing to shoot at police whenever they come to your door. They can murder you and your loved ones under false pretenses with impunity. There’s literally no downside to fighting back.TThey’ll kill you anyway.


Of course not. Doing so would mean they wouldn’t get protections every time they fuck up a no-knock warrant, which happens waaayyy too often.

So much for accountability!

President Trump walks out of White House press conference early, telling reporters he has to take an “emergency phone call.” He does not respond to shouted question about the Breonna Taylor case

Of course not - he’s a fucking coward.


Note that the cop who was charged (and is sure to get off with a slap on the wrist) was not actually charged for Breonna’s murder. He was charged for recklessness towards the neighbours.

No-one is being held responsible for murdering Breonna.

But that is not surprising. It is entirely in line with US norms.


Some journalists worth their spine should ask him directly: “Mr President, by any chances are you attempting to ignite a civil war? - If not, what would you say and do to cool down public anger?”. I’d want to see his face while answering or ignoring the question.


Putting a bullet hole in a white person’s drywall will still get you harsher punishment than putting a bullet through an innocent black woman’s vital organs.



Do US cops even realise that it’s possible to arrest someone without fucking shooting them? That in most countries not fucking shooting people is considered good policing?
They could have just knocked on the fucking door and announced themselves and none of this would have happened.
(And in a sane country where the police don’t fuck with people constantly, Breonna Taylor and her boyfriend might have even considered helping the police. Yes, I know, the idea of cooperating with police is anathema, ACAB etc, but did you know, that in some countries people will help the police because that actually helps their entire community?! Yes, it’s possible for police to be a useful part of society, just not in America. That’d be your ‘exceptionalism’ again).


No consequences for straight-up breaking into Black peoples’ homes and murdering them. Is it too much of an exaggeration to call this state-sponsored genocide? Every cop in the country is being sent the message to just go fucking nuts, we’ve got your back.


I guess the American police will start giving a shit about normal pople the moment a policeman can’t step outside anymore because they would be shot at.

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Yeah I don’t get the logic. If your response was so out of control that it endangered neighbors, how was it not also out of control to endanger someone else in the hallway?

It feels like a half assed compromise to attempt some accountability, but in a way that satisfies no one.

I saw a powerful and concise way of putting it today:

A cop shot an unarmed black woman and was only charged for the bullets that missed


it seems as if you’re trying too hard to miss the point, way too hard. it really is easy: taylor was a black woman, the neighbors were white. the person murdered was black, the owner of the drywall was white. when it comes to american policing that’s how it is. people of color have experienced this since forever. even when the prosecutor is black this brute fact remains the same.

the one thing i can point to is that even some conservatives i rarely agree with are starting to get to the right side of this. here’s david french’s take on things, a man i disagree with 99% of the time–


…Damn. That’s a powerful way to say it, thanks for passing that on.

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Oh, I get the point. I don’t see how the Grand Jury and Attorney General Daniel Cameron didn’t break their backs with the mental gymnastic to say Hankison’s shooting was wanton endangerment, but the shot that actually killed someone wasn’t.

Of course I am talking to a wall when I want someone to justify their reasoning. They aren’t here. They AG might tear up when he thinks how his mom would feel if he was killed, but he is perpetuating the protections that will guarantee it will happen again. And they know they were wrong, hence the $12 million settlement. That blue lines costs a lot for how thin it is. :confused:

Thanks for the link,.

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