Killer Klowns from Outer Space




Oh, wow… I remember this movie as a kid. Definitely one of those that was viewed with a different lens as a child vs. adult.


Well…“man-drinking” clowns, really…with crazy straws…


Cotton candy was never attractive to me again.


I was in the Navy when this came out, in A School up in Great Lakes, IL - I saw it in the theatre, in part because the title song was by The Dickies. Fun movie, fun effects.


This never opened in any theater in Norway, so I remember enjoying it as god intended - on VHS. I remember thinking it was awesome at the time.


I’ve owned the dvd going on ten years now, while most of my co-workers don’t even know of this movie. Cult classic.


The Chiodo Bros were at Stan Lee Komicaze last year in LA. My favorite work of theirs is Large Marge, when they pulled her from the wreckage.


In fact, when I first heard of ICP in the 90’s, I thought “Its like Killer Klowns in band form”. Unfortunately, the movie remained the superior effort,


I fortunately got to see this movie when it was available on Netflix. Was fairly fun to watch.


Hi -

I am sorry, it sounds like a really fun movie, but it is not very good at all. The problem is that it tries to take itself very seriously, rather than have a sense of fun or “camp” about itself given the title and premise.

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Killer Klowns (From Outer Space)
Performed by The Dickies

can’t get moar 80ish than that!


I’ve always loved this movie. It explains so much.

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