Killer Klowns from Outer Space


Oh, wow… I remember this movie as a kid. Definitely one of those that was viewed with a different lens as a child vs. adult.

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Well…“man-drinking” clowns, really…with crazy straws…


Cotton candy was never attractive to me again.


I was in the Navy when this came out, in A School up in Great Lakes, IL - I saw it in the theatre, in part because the title song was by The Dickies. Fun movie, fun effects.


This never opened in any theater in Norway, so I remember enjoying it as god intended - on VHS. I remember thinking it was awesome at the time.


I’ve owned the dvd going on ten years now, while most of my co-workers don’t even know of this movie. Cult classic.

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The Chiodo Bros were at Stan Lee Komicaze last year in LA. My favorite work of theirs is Large Marge, when they pulled her from the wreckage.

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In fact, when I first heard of ICP in the 90’s, I thought “Its like Killer Klowns in band form”. Unfortunately, the movie remained the superior effort,


I fortunately got to see this movie when it was available on Netflix. Was fairly fun to watch.

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I am sorry, it sounds like a really fun movie, but it is not very good at all. The problem is that it tries to take itself very seriously, rather than have a sense of fun or “camp” about itself given the title and premise.

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Killer Klowns (From Outer Space)
Performed by The Dickies

can’t get moar 80ish than that!

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I’ve always loved this movie. It explains so much.

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