Kim Dotcom says he's launching a Bitcoin startup that will pay you for content


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I for one always thoroughly enjoy hearing from him. He lives large, he does things, he’s a bit of a rude boy.
Like; NOT SAD.


I want to know, what will he pay? if it isn’t one complete btc which currently is valued @ $1132USD, then forget it. Fractional payment isn’t worth it. I’ve done work for bitcoin, and the “great sum” turned out to be $5USD.


They keep trying to get me interested in Bitcoin. They keep failing but still they try.


[quote=“xeni, post:1, topic:98309”]
wanted by U.S. law enforcement on copyright and money laundering allegations related to his now-defunct streaming site
[/quote]This sounds like the best person to give my original content to and then expect to be paid by.


I seem to recall that last I’d heard, he was already trying to do something like this except without the Bitcoins, which appears to be the only reason this is newsworthy again?

I was sort of expecting to hear from him next hawking the Secrets to his Incredible Weight Loss Transformation. But I guess we just have to wait a bit for that.


Seriously, if you do business with that turd of a man, then you have only yourself to blame.


This new idea seems to have the magic sauce, though!
Look, people are giving him their mobile phones:

#9 turned out to be the best thing since Dropbox. Surprised he’s trying yet again.


This exists in several forms already,,,, and tons more


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