Kim Jong Un says North Korea no longer needs to do nuclear tests


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This is too easy, I smell a rat!


orders the closure of the site where its six nuclear tests have been conducted

Isn’t this the site which has been pretty much drilled out now? They need a new one anyway.

Its good that NK are negotiating but I will be interested to see what they want in return.


There’s two of them, and they’re not meeting for a couple of months yet.


Apparently they’ve been negotiating for a withdrawal of US troops from the peninsula.

The North Korean nukes were built for a specific purpose: deterring an American invasion.

However, the situation is still fluid:


Looks like Kim Jong-Un has decided that he wants to be one of the adults in the room at the summit meeting. Which leaves Trump as the only child still attending.


So presumably the upcoming talks will mark the end of the Korean War, which has been going on for, what, almost 70 years?


There has been talk of a North/South peace treaty.


They’d have to be mad to do something like that. Mad as spoons. The USA has shown itself as completely unable, or more likely, unwilling to abide by any agreement they make and they have a long history of this sort of behavior. Just ask the plains Indians. If you can find some.


I’m glad it seems to be happening, but am not entirely confident, either.

Plus the cloud of smug that’ll come from the burning trumpsters is going to suck.


The rat is that they will stop testing because they reckon that they don’t need to continue.




North Korea is not a threat to world peace. The USA is.


He’ll claim discussions were unfair and use that as a reason to resume tests. So long as the pot’s boiling he appears to have leverage. Better that way than upping the game to war that he can’t win.



The Donald (and deity help us, the TGOP) will likely conclude that Drumpf’s unpredictability and bellicose posturing are responsible for North Korea’s willingness to come to the table. That seems like a really terrible precedent that will lead to really terrible ideas in the future.

As far as I can tell, Donnie deserves no credit at all for these talks; North Korea has worked steadily through several US administrations to develop an ICBM compatible nuclear weapon. Now that they are on the verge of achieving that goal, they have paused their program and are willing to negotiate from a position of strength. Of course they’re going to sit down, what do they have to lose? And what does Donnie have to lose? Everything. He’s a weak president, in trouble at home, looking down the barrel at a hostile house in 2019, in separate need of a win. Who knows what he might concede? From Kim Jong Un’s perspective it has to be worth a try.


I guess this is a smart move by DPRK… by preemptively granting concessions, they can claim the US is dealing in bad faith when they inevitably refuse to remove their soldiers from the peninsula… They can then continue tests and claim that they gave everyone a chance, but y’all blew it. I guess?

I definitely don’t like to see any “wins” in Donald’s column, but I’ll take it over WWIII…




And the Nobel Peace prize goes to Dennis Rodman, because we slipped into the wrong universe and ended up in the stupid one.

Oh thanks a lot, Briita.



Trump takes credit in tweet in 3… 2…