Kindle Unlimited is a fun and cheap way to read comics

Sure, this is an important aspect that I’ve benefited from this myself - and hi-res scans can also be a great way to study the form of artists (comparable to the huge artist editions). Accessibility is a tough nut to crack with comics. A zoomable version of a Chris Ware page, for example, is doubtless very useful to have, especially if there’s text on it.

I think comics are inevitably going to move further into the digital realm, certainly in the mainstream where the physical distribution method seems increasingly perilous. And physical editions of the classics aren’t always everything they could be - the EC Archives series has been through some tough times with digital recolouring, for example. There are a lot of factors here, but I think the glory of a well-crafted physical page of comics will always be one of them.


I agree, it’s great to zoom in on art in a panel.

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