Kinetic balls/Sable cinétique: dazzling interactive art project in which particle physics become real




Wow, thanks!

More 21st century nodal point digital art.

Refreshingly less dystopian than the banality of rehashed disney (pinocchio post)

And more future-facing exploratory (typographic organisms! coincidence #1!)

Along with the pre-upgrade XYZT, eMotion also looks scrumptious

We were just talking about extended senses at work, forwarding this along. :]


What is particle attractor physics?


“Particle attractor physics” is just an fancy description for the fact there’s a visual-effects style particle system animating them being attracted to the balls, and probably eachother. Very neat in its own way, but a lot less scientific than “Particle Physics” makes it sound.


Except for people who has particle physics in high school - there’s a whole lot of smarty-pants like to read this site.


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