King Tut exhibition starts its final world tour in Los Angeles (March 2018)

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Shoot. I was hoping it would hit Seattle after L.A.

The King Tut Exhibit was in Seattle’s Pacific Science Center in 2012, though the specific items and number of items were different.

They must not have the most famous item, the solid gold mask, because I don’t see it mentioned anywhere. That mask really is as amazing as its reputation. It’s like some sort of alien artifact, it’s so perfect and gleaming and old. Go to Egypt now (or at least 2 years ago, probably still now), and you can be in a room with it alone*—the tourists are/were still scared.

*OK, not technically alone. There’s one bored guy dressed in black with an AK47 in the corner waiting for his next smoke break. But pretty close.

Oh, he’ll be back

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