Kitten + Owlet + Coffee equals cute

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They are both predators. Either one, as an adult, would happily kill and eat the juvenile form of the other. I’m hoping for a followup post in a year or so.

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Yeah, thinking this won’t end well…

The owl and the pussy cat went to sea / in a beautiful pea green boat / they took some honey, and plenty of money / all wrapped in a five pound note


I really get sick of people not using the proper scientific terms.
It is kitten + feathercat.


Personally, I prefer amazing flying cat. My cat still looks for the one that was checking him out (sizing him up) in the yard a few weeks ago.


Both cats and owls have an extraordinary sense of hearing and use it to locate prey. I wonder if this is one of the factors drawing them together?

Mildly interesting (boring?) note: Hukulou is an intentionally twee romanization of フクロウ (normally romanized “fukurou”) which is the Japanese word for “owl”.

Wondering what the Japanese wildlife laws are that allow this. In the US, keeping a wild bird as a pet, particularly without specialized permits and purpose (e.g. rehabilitation) is usually illegal.

I was just thinking that I’ve seen enough photos of pet owls to consider looking into adopting one.

I’m pretty sure to my last cat, I was just doorcat and foodcat. She was feral when we got her, and liked it that way. She never got the hang of the litter box, being picked up, or generally acknowledging humans unless she was in dire need of egress from the house. Most of the time her food went uneaten, since she’d already filled up on mice and birds. She even killed bigger things, including raccoons, opossums, and once another cat.


I’m scared of your cat.


You have nothing to fear. She’s been quietly fertilizing a tree in the back yard since March.

Cancer is awful. Nothing should have to suffer like she did. I’m not too broken up by her death. She was amazing at being a cat, but she wasn’t very good at being a pet. By the time we found out about her cancer she’d gone from 18lbs to 6lbs, was obviously bracing for the end, and I was the one who had to take her in and put her down. I didn’t dislike her. It was just the indifference was mutual, so I could handle ending her suffering better than my mom, who was the one who adopted her.


I never killed a cat yet that wasn’t purring.

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