Kitten saved from luggage, TSA success


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Poor kitty. Glad it was found / rescued. :frowning:


TSA win? First time for everything…


This is alarming because it’s perfectly conceivable it crawled in there while they were packing and they failed to notice.

I guess if you own small, curious pets always be sure to yell loudly while banging pots before zipping up your luggage.


“returning home from traveling” makes that seem unlikely.


“Well honey, it worked once”


note to self: do not strap bomb to cat when packing.


Purely incidental.


File Under: People who should not be allowed to own pets.


Turns out it wasn’t to avoid the pet carrier fee, it’s because they needed the free X-ray.


Sadly plausible in 2018 USA.


So… if they were coming home with the kitten, did they get it on vacation, or had they brought it with them?


That’s abombina-bull-cat!


Because it was only a kitten. If it had been a bomb, gun, or something similar, naturally they would have been unable to find it.

On the other hand, the kitten is very lucky that it was not in a suitcase with actual contraband, or it almost certainly would not have been found.


Wan’t a loaded cat. Of course they found it.

(I know one of the folks who does the sneaking past TSA of guns, FOR THE GOV’T and let me be clear on that part, as he or she is one of the watchpeople who wrote those reports about how many time he or she has personally flown with a loaded gun, just to prove to Congress it’s totally not difficult, even with TSA.)


When they’re not grabbing your junk, they’re tweeting about cats.


You know, I really do feel much safer now.


Hope they found it before it went through the x-ray.


A TSO caught a loaded handgun a few weeks ago at JFK - someone put a loaded gun inside his coat and put it on the conveyor belt at 7:30 in the morning. From what I understand, the TSA “wins” on a regular basis and routinely prevents individuals from carrying potentially dangerous items onto airplanes in their carry-on luggage. That’s probably not newsworthy, though.


We should throw a parade on the days they do their job, to make up for the hard words from the days the congressional investigators do smuggle guns onto planes.

I hear you. Everyone gets a trophy.