Kitten with head stuck in jar rescued


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This is what happens when an amateur tries to make a Bonsai Kitten.


And the idiots immediately release it so it can go make more feral cats.


No, no. This is all part of an ongoing animal control program where they catch wild cats in jars, spay or neuter them, and then smash the jars and release them.


“Oh noes, my helmet! I (cough) cannot breathe your (choke) planet’s atmosphere!” [Space kitten dies.]


That cat was likely not feral, just a stray.

If it were, they’d have had to sedate it to get the jar off, because ferals are NOT okay with human contact, period. It would have been hissing and scratching up a storm, despite the fact that they were trying to free it. And the guy with the hammer definitely would not have been able to pick it up afterwards.

Not to mention that I think I heard it purring while the jar was being removed; again, that’s not behavior associated with cats that are genuinely feral.

Lastly, it didnt run off immediately; it just kind of scampered away.


Irrelevant. Its offspring will be feral.


“And to think the hitchhiker’s guide said this place was ‘mostly harmless’!”


…And thus life imitates art


Not to me.


Very possibly, but not 100% definitely; as nothing in life is for certain.

But I should have directed the comment about ferals to Cory; he’s the one who posted the erroneous title.


Which has now been edited. See, he does listen… sometimes!



I am glad that rescue went as well as it did. It had the potential to really go poorly for the cat and/or the person a number of times.


Liberty and fraternity are a couple of my faves.


It’s Azerbaijan, not North America. I would be surprised if they had the same ecological impact there.


Right, I was thinking that they didn’t post all the videos where similar rescue attempts went wrong.


Good luck with that. He’s notorious for posting inaccurate items and ignoring any posts about it.





Said I “should have,” not that I will; it’s not even that serious to me.

I’m hip to Cory’s tendency toward hyperbole, but I’ve seen way worse on other forums, with much more apparent ill intent, so for the most part I can ignore it.

Nothing is perfect, and it could always be far worse.[quote=“bunkyboar, post:9, topic:84803”]

I seriously hope that’s a farce. Body modification for animals is wrong on so many levels.


I thought the fermenting thread had gone horribly wrong.


It’s an ooooold hoax, don’t worry.


It seemed highly unlikely; but then again, reality has been mimicking Bizzaro Land for the last several years…