KKK leader claims to have spoken to Ferguson law enforcement “off the record”


Although the KKK dude is probably also an imperialist, his Linkedin page indicates that his title is actually “Imperial Wizard”

I love that the summary text for his linkedin page in the google search results says

View Frank Ancona's professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Frank Ancona discover inside...

LinkedIn’s default assumption that everyone on their site is a professional that they’d like to associate themselves with seems miscalculated in this case


This is one situation where I don’t insist on media accuracy, and in fact, would prefer it if they labelled him in incorrect and thoroughly ridiculous (even more so than the actual title) ways.

“Court Magician of the Land of Waziwoo”, “Toilet Diviner”, and the like.

Or maybe a bunch of them in a series of retractions:

Retraction: A previous version of this story indicated his title was “Imperialist Wizard”. His actual title is “Imperial Whizzer”
Retraction: “Imperial Whizzer” is also incorrect, the actual title is “Umpire Whippler”, sincere apologies.
Retraction: “Umpire Whippler” is also wrong, actual title is “Vampiric Whistler.” We regret the error.
Retreaction: “Vampiric Whistler” is also incorrect. His actual title appears to be “Susan”


Some of those that work forces are the same that burn crosses


…America’s most established, and most powerful white supremacist organization.

I think that’s wrong. There isn’t one KKK, there are dozens of splinter factions, and they don’t even know each other. This guy is head of a KKK - not the. Don’t blow him up into a boogeyman; he’s just a small-town thug.


yeah so no black consciousness reps or panther NAACP reps huh…what could the reason be?

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We apologize for the fault in the titles. Those responsible have been sacked.

…Mynd yøu, Søøsun bites Kan be pretty nasti …

We apologize again for the fault in the titles. Those responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked have been sacked.


I watched both videos and was disappointed that no one asked him about the fact that at its core, the KKK is a white supremacist organization with a history of racist violence, and most of the protesters are black. As a result, his claims that he and “his people” are just planning to defend themselves if they’re attacked will come across as perfectly reasonable to many people.

Both of these segments may well have increased KKK membership.


“Bullshit Sage”.

Not to mention that the KKK has historically been an anti-Catholic organisation, and I would imagine that someone named Frank Ancona is probably Catholic (or at least has disapproving Catholic relatives)

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The beard is a step in the right direction but otherwise this wizard is a total bummer.

Claims he’s a wizard but never does anything magical. Reminds me of Gandalf.


But Gandalf does cast spells occasionally.

Thanks for saying this.

The problem is… you’re right. People do have a right to defend themselves, with firearms, and especially in their own homes. This is a very complicated right of course, but one that many people are glad to have.

The KKK wizard guy is no doubt a wingnut, who is leading a group of more wingnuts, but he’s calmly making a point that will resonate with perhaps millions of regular people who would otherwise never support the KKK’s wingnut supremacist beliefs.

The Anonymous guy unfortunately asked a bunch of softball questions that allowed the wizard guy give answers that sounded pretty normal, if not even helpful.

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At least Gandalf blows trippy smoke rings.

Yeah…this is an actual email subject line that LinkedIn sent me yesterday:

The Second Victim of Ferguson: Business and Jobs

A finger on the pulse is something they don’t have.


Surprised they didn’t mention “property values”.

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