Knives in a gun fight

We’re gonna have to disagree with that one. One could probably do more damage with one or two of those than a handgun in a crowded situation.

But there’s knives designed for cooking and knives designed for fighting- that’s the grey area.

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From your article, “left 37 students slightly wounded and two adults with serious injuries“. Doesn’t seem comparable. Also reminds me of this,

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Knives designed for cooking are single edged. Knives designed for fighting are double edged.


you mean “sporting knives”



It does not matter if it’s a chef’s knife, a steak knife, a pairing knife, or a switch blade, I’m going to feel threatened for my life if someone attacks me with it.


Maybe not a butter knife, although some of those have a tiny serration so…eahh.

I’ll be obvious. Except in limited situations, firearms can inflict much more damage than edged weapons. Swords, daggers, straight-razors, spring-loaded stilettos and switchblades, are indeed lethal. Firearms are easier, faster, and longer ranged. I don’t feel threatened by a butterknife at 25 yards.


Yes, you will. That’s a time in my past I will never forget. Daily attempts to hurt or kill me, for quite some time.

How is it I’m here telling you about it now? Because my attacker didn’t have access to a gun in those days.


May you never run into this guy in a dark alley.


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