Kodachrome home-movie of a Long Beach fast food joint in 1952

The northwest corner of Ximeno and PCH is the closest intersection, but the location was probably 1/4 mile north on PCH given the close proximity of drive-in sign. Edit: 1/8 of a mile.

But if the marquee of the drive-in was on the corner of Ximeno and PCH, then clearly the footage taken of it was from the perspective of (roughly) where the Burger King is now, no?

That’s not where the sign was located. The drive-in was located on the circle. I know this because my husband and his family stayed at the motel across PCH (north or west of the circle, currently a Super 8), and they could watch the movies that were still playing in 1975. And no, they didn’t move the screen. The drive-in was accessible from a drive way just south of the circle (just=feet), Ximeno Way, which connects to the outer circle–not Ximeno Ave.
I also know this area because I live in this area.
Edit: I’m still not sure why you believe that the marquee was located at PCH and Ximeno intersection. You can plainly see the movie screen behind Beany’s and other notable landmarks I mentioned. I think you’re confusing Ximeno Way and Ximeno Avenue.

Then what is that intersection at 3:44 in the video?

edit: isn’t this the same shot today? (note the same power lines in the background)

I take issue with that it wasn’t good for you or “empty calories”. The most likely order “Burger, fries and soft drink”. Would be 4oz of grass fed beef, with organic locally sourced lettuce and tomatoes. Hand cut locally grown potatoes fried in trans fat free beef tallow oil, and a 6 oz soft drink.

If you ordered a milk shake:Ice cream made with eggs from cage free chickens, Locally sourced milk delivered daily from the dairy, HFCS free sweetener of Cane Sugar, imported Mexican chocolate.


I give up; you win. I only live here.

seconded. I didn’t have cable when R&S came out, but my buddy was telling me about it at school: “It looks like it was drawn by Picasso!”

“Huh,” I said, “sounds like New Adventures of Mighty Mouse.” sure enough…

No? Seems like PCH & Ximeno Ave.

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Yes, that was my point. Fast food today doesn’t tend to be that great for you. It also doesn’t tend to be located preferentially in bedroom suburbs (like Long Beach was in 1952).

Other than the portions being much smaller–and therefore not cost-effective as a means of abating hunger even if there had been a lower-income clientele for this place–I don’t really know how it would have shaken out nutritionally, or in terms of quality for that matter. I sort of suspect it’s the portion size, rather than how far the milk has traveled, that makes the greater difference.

someone realized about the last man in the line at 2:24 ?, looks like a time traveler from the 90´s, the guy with the jeans and gray shirt…

The closest thing I could think of that would approximate the flavor of the “handburgers” and milkshakes would be Dirty Martin’s Kumback Burgers in Austin, TX or Dog N Shake in Wichita, KS (or maybe Kwiky burger & Charlies in Wichita, both R.I.P.'ing).

Mmmmmmm, fat, salt and sugar!

Does the film also show the seven lanes that make up PCH? (Three each in both direction, plus another enter/exit lane?) This road has widened and businesses have been torn down and replaced–multiple times. If you look at a current map, you’ll see the Outer Circle, which used to connect to PCH (all the way around). It doesn’t anymore. I believe the problem many are having is using 2014 map apps, when the video was taken ~62 years earlier. Roads change, especially when the drive-in shut down and real estate developers came in and built apts. and multi-story business buildings, not to mention a strip mall.

In the pic I linked to you can see the traffic circle, the outer circle, the drive-in, the drive-in sign on the corner of PCH & Ximeno, and I’m reasonably sure the resturant itself (based on the markings in the parking lot) in the lower right quadrant.

Link doesn’t work. However, (this is the very last time I will comment) Ximeno does not equal Outer Circle. Pull back on a modern map app and look at the northeast portion of the Circle area. That’s what the mirror image (to the southwest) would have been like. Again, you need to be aware that the layout of various streets has changed A LOT in the last 62 years. Finally, if you’re trying to use the internet as a source (archives, newspapers, libraries, etc.), please be aware that the digitized images and captions are only as good as the human who inputs the information. I say this as the daughter, sister, daughter-in-law, AND wife of journalists. You’re relying on secondary sources, rather than a primary source (read: the actual info handed in by the photographer along with the photo proof).

Edit: just reread the last comment. Since the link doesn’t work, I have no idea if there are street signs indicating Ximeno and PCH. If so, I apologize because the drive in moved their marquee by the time I saw it (the late 1970’s–like I said, things change). However, without a ca. 1952 map, I have to go on what I know and the evidence given by friends and neighbors who lived in this area at the time.

Here it is:

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Oh the Circle Drive-In! My ex-husband used to hide in the trunk and I would drive in alone to the movie. I think we saw Jaws that way…

I miss Java Lanes, which was just West up the hill from the circle. They had the best neon sign!!

Nice photo. Too bad it was taken 15-20 years after the home movie. Take a look at film again; you can’t see Community Hospital in background because the multi-story wing wasn’t built yet. Check hospital’s website or Wikipedia for date. Again, streets and properties change, especially in the LBC.

Never went bowling, but there was a lot of anguish when torn down to make way for some townhouses a few years after the Rodney King protests/riots.