Korean Air crew member who flew to Los Angeles has coronavirus: Reports

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And this is why this is going to be a bitch of a virus to keep contained.


Great read.

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Maybe a little too on the nose at present?


Time to re-read King’s “The Stand” … oh, isn’t there a movie / tv-special (again) in the works? How timely …

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Keep contained? Oh, you mean after we get it contained?


I flew on Christmas day to visit family, and one of the flight attendants giving out drinks was sniffling every few seconds.

I did not drink anything on that flight. Sick flight attendants should stay home, or at least wear masks.


It would be great if people who were sick stayed home. Not gonna happen, because they either get fired or just can’t afford to lose the pay, but would be great. Requiring paid sick leave would go a great way towards controlling spread of illness, I do not see it happening here.


Even when you have it you get what 6 days if you are lucky? How long should you stay home for this one?

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Good question, no answer. Our usual answer is until you are afebrile for 24 hours. But we truly do not know if that is accurate for this one or not, so…

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