China Aviation Administration: Flight attendants should wear diapers

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Her lawyer denied this particular allegation, though.


Nah, I don’t want to spend more than 2 hours in a soiled diaper (hello UTI!) and I doubt there’s a disposal area on any place for passengers. Timing is everything. For most flights, using the airport restroom immediately before and after the flight means at most one quick visit to the lavatory on the plane.


At least all those diapers will make it easier to tell which parts of the plane are properly ventilated; maybe that’s the safety feature?


In stark contrast United is asking attendants to walk it off.


I predict this will become a movement.



I would think it would be a #1 pro tip.

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I remember a strange scarcely humorous account from David Sedaris, who once wore one of these for his book signing event a decade or so ago. YMMV.

I remember changing baby diapers and can tell you from experience that even a tiny human bladder and tiny human bowel can make a big smell, so I can imagine the malodorous cumulative effect of a contained, pressurized breathing space that includes “used” diapers worn by several or many grownups.

No thanks. Ain’t no face mask gonna fix that. I don’t care how practical that “advice” or perhaps imperative (given that it’s issued by an employer) seems to be. Just: ouch. And yikes.


Some politicians should wear that to protect others from verbal diarrhea they spew out.

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With the exception of maybe some flights to Russia, Those aren’t going to be two or even six-hour flights. The major airports in the US and Europe are more like 11 hours from the big hubs in China.

Considering that those planes are probably flying half-empty these days, I wonder why they don’t just set aside one of the lavatories for crew use only.


If you really want flight attendants to have 100% safety, give them better PPE. Why not give them P-100 masks that give them much more protection?


For that matter, why aren’t these types of masks used more by people who routinely are in contact with larges amounts of people? The cost isn’t prohibitive: $50-75 or so.

That’s definitely true: the exhale valve in the above mask exhales “raw” air. But they can be modified/covered with mask fabric so that they filter exactly as much as any simple mask would (that’s what I did to my P-100).


Badum, tish.


They don’t do much to prevent you from infecting others if you’ve got COVID. Though that might not be much of a concern for Chinese flight crews on flights to the US or Europe right now.

This only seems terrible for those under the age of 45-65+.

Q. How are farts and Love similair?

A. If it has to be forced, it’s probably shit.

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