Woman dries her underwear with airplane fan


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/03/02/woman-dries-her-underwear-with.html


After clicking on the headline, the video provides far more questions than answers.


There were some Kremlin dudes onboard, so she was using her dirty undies to help freshen the cabin air.


Disappointing headline. I was hoping to see video footage of someone hanging their laundry behind the turbofan on the tarmac.



I’m puzzling over the obvious question: how did they get wet? It makes a really big difference!


Airplane cabin air can get pretty dry so, Russian humidifier?

Surely, this was a Russian flight where people applauded before landing.


That’s disgusting. It would be so easy to turn the phone sideways, but instead we’re subjected to the horror. The drying of undies was pretty funny, though.


I want to know how hot she is before I disparage her.


Well, she had the fan on, so I imagine she was a degree or two above normal body temp.


Umm, did she just take them off for drying? From a seating position, in the middle seat?


Hey…vaginal discharge is no laughing matter.

Or perhaps she needs to work on her kegles?


Flight Attendant: Miss, we have to ask that you stop drying your underwear in the cabin.

Passenger: Oh, don’t worry. They aren’t my underwear.




I’ve applauded people in the past for brave confrontations but here is a situation where, if there was a chance that tainted air would fall upon me, i would have no issues in saying “Stop right now!


I see what you did there.


Come on you guys, clearly airport gift store “flying undies” fresh out of the package, just trying to get the “factory” scent out of them!


Now that I’ve SEEN this explanation…all the pieces fall neatly into place.

Nothing worse than factory scented undies.


Thank you for being the voice of reason…and spring fresh underwear.


In Putin’s Russia, undies dry YOU!

Come on you guys, don’t start a Russian female protest band over this!


I hate flying even more now.