Korean pop music before "K-pop": three six-hour mixes of 70s and 80s hits


Finally… plastic surgery? I’m so sick and tired
Many countries comes to plastic surgery in Korea… That figure would include
Why is always Korea target?

Other Asian had plastic surgery
The Subject is K-Pop…

Listening to music on YouTube feels like having to listen to a podcast or a radio show with a TV. Any chance that those super cool mixes are available with Soundcloud or a similar audio service?

I know exactly where you are referring too and it has unfortunately already been pumped full of too many people. They took down one of the walls of records to open up that bar space for more seating 8(

However it was the first place I got to hear most of this music and I love it.

I agree. Bringing up plastic surgery in this context once again is just unneccessary.
This lamenting of plastic surgery in South Korea always carries some measure of condescension with it as well, especially coming from America, the country that made plastic surgery such a huge business worldwide in the first place.

That said, I love Trot and am very thankful for sharing these mixes.

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