Kottke.org is 25 years old

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Cool. I’m happy to say I’m on there: The HD Video Feedback Kinetic Sculpture


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I’ve read and been rwferred to lots of cool stuffthere over the years. I’d guess I started in 2005, maybe?

Nice how the site is still so clutter free and easy to use.


That’s absolutely NOT the case on many, many websites today, sadly.


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I was just listening to him and John Gruber talking on John’s podcast about this anniversary. I just found it kinda neat, also the callout by John to suck.com (not the current owner of the domain, but the old site with articles like this).

If only I had aged so well. But eh, I can’t really complain. And I still read Kottke, and Gruber. And the Daily Kos. And this site, whatever it’s called.

Uh oh, those are fightin’ words. I think John Scalzi claims longest running blog (and he claims to be on the short list of oldest sites period) over on Whatever.Scalzi.com. :grin:

(Not really- both are great writers that I enjoy following).

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Who keeps this “short list”? I registered my first domain name on Sept 21, 1995, and there’s been a (quite static) web site there ever since. hand2mouse.com

Therefore, I have always known the answer to the trivia question, “on what date did domain names stop being free?” The only registrar was Verisign and domains cost $200/year.

People who claim to be on it, I guess. Scalzi seems pretty proud of the age of his site because he mentions it a lot.

This has served as excellent fuel for flamewars for nearly 25 years.

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To be fair, the PowerMac 8600 had some really slow hard drives back in the day, and this was before the days when operating systems used to defrag on their own. And if he was really unlucky, the hard drive might already be full and just before the copy task ended it throws an error.

Ah, memories of working on computers back then when the hard drive always seemed too small.

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