Kraft Macaroni & Cheese is dead. Long live Kraft Mac & Cheese

Fancy word for small convection oven. We have a convection oven but the air fryer is faster and really does get things crisper. It’s also cheaper to operate, the full size convection oven takes longer to heat up, the air fryer takes just a minute or two.

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Once we got all snooty and started calling it “pasta”, I knew it was just a matter of time.


I grew up with homemade Mac and Cheese with Velveeta. I have always preferred Kraft’s version better.

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Until 2015, yes

Plus de fromage!


I just learned that one can buy the cheese powder in a bulk container so you can use your own pasta. Saves lots of packaging waste (and storage space) over throwing away all those half empty boxes. Search cheese powder. Lots of options.

For kicks I weighed the contents in a 6 oz Box of Annie’s Shells and Cheddar. 5 oz pasta and 0.9 oz powder. So a 1lb container of cheese powder is like ~16 boxes of air.

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Oh wow. That does sound familiar though.

I live in the US now. We go back frequently to visit family. But our only interaction with packaged macaroni & cheese there is that we usually pick up several boxes of President’s Choice white cheddar mac & cheese to take back with us. Miles better than KD.

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Kids In The Hall - Fattening Up Our Tapeworms (correct sync) - YouTube

I’m a big fan of the Cracker Barrel Sharp Cheddar mac.
I also wish Kraft would bring back the extreme cheese, but I guess you gotta cut cost somehow.

I also recently learned this! I bought a tub of the orange powder for making cheese popcorn and the “mac & cheese” version for supplementing Kraft dinner (because they never give you enough in the little packet). I love it.


Amen brother. That place is awesome.

I used to not like any form of macaroni and cheese, or any noodles and cheese. Until I discovered Käsespätzle. Now I find adding caramelized onions makes even the comfort food stuff taste good.


I think that adding caramelized onions makes anything taste good!

Careful what you ask for :stuck_out_tongue:

When I say homemade mac and cheese, I mean homemade. Bechamel with cheddar, buttered bread crumb topping, the whole nine. The only thing she didn’t make was the pasta. But I have no doubt that a stick of butter wins over Velveeta. I save the latter for broccoli cheese casserole.

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My kids always preferred Annie’s. I’m surprised Annie’s hasn’t come up in this discussion. (ETA, yes it did, twice, First me (!) as @VeronicaConnor noticed by reading further in the link than I did, and @Slide in discussion of bulk mac n cheese.)

Soon as I saw the KD announcement I thought of KFC and the theory that they had to change the name because there is no chicken in Kentucky Fried. Maybe there is no macaroni in KD in Canada. Maybe it is just sparkling pasta.


Annie’s is cited in the linked CBC article above. What’s funny is that Kraft claims to have done the name change to KD (from Kraft Dinner) in part because Annie’s was rapidly claiming their market share. However like all corporate goons, they missed the point. They viewed the threat from Annie’s as “warm fuzzy branding”, not, you know, a better freaking product.

I switched unintentionally to Annie’s for 15 years because I moved to a place where the local grocery store was a hippie sort that didn’t sell KD. Now, 15 years later, I’m shopping at a mainstream grocery chain again and bought KD for the first time since the ‘90s. I was shocked at how bad it is. The micro-scale macaroni turns to mush no matter how little you cook it, the cheese powder is bland and doesn’t mix properly… it’s a mess. Luckily the mainstream stores also sell Annie’s now (usually on a bottom shelf) so I went back to that! It’s just plain better in every way, and I’m not someone who thinks the weird hippie versions of products are automatically better. In fact they are often worse (looking at you, all Cheez-It clones, and all Cheerios clones).


I don’t know what Cheez-Its are. Are they like Hawkins Cheezies?

(Thread drift - where can I buy giant Cheezies to make surfboard blanks?)

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Wow. We tried Annie’s a few times and it was awful.

Homeroom > PC white cheddar mac >> KD >> Annies.

Oh my. I’m gonna get all three and have a fancy pants Mac n Cheese tasting. Double blind.


Huh? Like what you made in Grade 8 “Home economics” class?

See earlier post.