Krampus trashes the horror potential of traditional mythology in a film that's neither funny nor scary


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Just watch Rare Exports instead. It mixes Santa and Krampus together for a fun tale. Best Christmas movie EVER.


Bummer. I was kinda looking forward to this based off the trailers.


Huh. Shows what you know.


Kevin Smith (THAT Kevin Smith) had his own plans for a straight-horror Krampus movie. By the end of negotiations, it seems like Mr. Gene Simmons (THAT Gene Simmons) wasn’t interested in either a Christmas horror movie, or a Krampus horror movie. If Mr. Simmons optioned the screenplay, Mr. Smith won’t be able to make his movie for a while…


Depends on how long the option is for, it could only be a year.


Have lived in Finland, can confirm.


Best to stick to authentic interpretations of traditional mythology for a good horror flick, I always say.



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The CIA’s Simple Sabotage Field Manual is a guide to “purposeful stupidity”

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Uhhh… Krampus.


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Oh check that out, the CIA stole our manual.


I haven’t seen the film and don’t really plan to, but given how heavily this review leans on the inauthentic details, I kind of feel like the reviewer (a Krampus scholar) is mostly put off by the fact that this isn’t a “true” Krampus story, rather than on the film’s own merits.


I’m not sure why it should matter, the character is in the public domain. So who cares if Smith or someone else decides to make another Krampus movie? Why go through Simmons? I’m not sure why he’s important or what his role is that’s keeping Smith from doing his own thing.


Yes. You’re one ring above the people whose favorite holiday moment is this one. Look down occasionally and I’ll wave at you.

Edit to add:
In retrospect I feel like Papa Lazarou’s return, a one-off sketch from “The League Of Gentlemen” highlights the possible challenges of a film about Krampus. Papa Lazarou appearing as Father Christmas is funny to those of us who have the prerequisite context of him as an anti-clown leading an insane circus. Without that context the above clip could be anything from baffling to outright horrifying.
If someone wanted to make a Krampus horror comedy I think it would be really hard to provide the necessary background context needed to make Krampus funny…although the reward could be a film that, like Papa Lazarou’s return, is both terrifying and funny, or that manages to be both at the same time. It would be a brilliant paraphrase of Mel Brooks “Horror is when I cut my little finger, comedy is when you walk into an open sewer and die.”


How did you find out my Christmas show? (The circus has come to toooown)


Well, Smith wrote a screenplay and Simmons optioned it, effectively taking
it out of circulation. If Smith tried to make the movie on his own, Simmons
could sue him. Simmons likes to sue people, apparently. Until the option is
released, Simmons owns the story, and Simmons ultimately decided not to
make that movie. I believe Smith has changed it something like Anti-Claus,
and had to come up with a new storyline, or else that is the script that
Simmons optioned. But whatever, Hollywood biz…


Ah i gotcha. Very lame indeed.