Krispy Kreme to deploy robots in factory stores within 18 months

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Their donut shops (or factories) have famously used visible machines for most of their donut making for many decades, right? So is this just about adding a couple extra features to existing machines like a sprinkle applicator and a box packing device, or is there more to it than that?



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I was going to say the same thing. Other than load the dough, and then load donuts into boxes and take money, the machine made all the donuts.

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Yes, the factory stores have long been a proponent for automation, but the filling donuts using a hopper, frosting donuts (different from glazing, and is typically applied with a long spatula), and packaging doughnuts by plucking them from the conveyor for customers which has been done by humans are tasks that have previously been cheaper to do with humans vs robots. Cheaper that is till the new round of inflation and high AF wages (I saw McD’s advertising $22.50 an hour here in Seattle), made the upfront investment in automation worth it.

On a tangent, I remember seeing that the Romans had a crude steam engine that the gentry used as a toy instead of seeing the potential work a steam engine could do, and thinking “they were so close, why did it take so long to get to here?”, then I found out how cheap human labor was in it’s various forms throughout history.


Danny Dunn and the Donut Machine

I read that

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Automation really does make the process more efficient.



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