Kuhn Rikon Epicurean Garlic Press handles unpeeled cloves and ginger

I’ve used this tool for about 10 years and it’s still going strong. It’s probably the best garlic press in the world. It’s constructed very robustly from stainless steel; it has an unusual lever-action which is far superior to the one-to-one action of most garlic presses; it opens up easily and is trivial to clean.… READ THE REST

I have a fairly cheap, but sturdily constructed garlic press. It’s not stainless steel - probably aluminum. Ginger is the main thing I use it for.

I had 3 or 4 garlic presses break on me before I wrote them all off as gimmicky bullshit that doesn’t actually work. however, when i saw one similar to the OP at a local discount store, I gave it a try and lo-and-behold, the good ones actually DO work. the difference is that mine cost between 5 and ten bucks. it’s been several years of regular use now. over two, for sure. the “hammer” part is on a pivot so you can overstuff the (quite large) reciever, and it’ll press cloves with the skin still on, two or three at a time, no problem. I pressed a bunch of baby carrots through it to make a sauce a few weeks ago, too.

found it: http://www.richardsvarietystore.com/028901011659.html
this thing is built like a brick shithouse. another bonus is that after you press garlic skin-on, when you pull the skin out of the receiver, all the pulp in the holes is still attached and it just pulls right out without needing the plastic comb punch-out thing. maybe the OP one is better, i dunno, but I truly, wholeheartedly recommend this model.

Speaking as someone who has been cooking for 40+ years, anyone who uses a garlic press is missing a LOT. You’re much, MUCH better off slicing and chopping the cloves to get the same effect. Presses are for people who not only have no patience, but also, have no taste.

I like to smash it with the side of a really big-ass knife. But that might have more to do with my aggression level than with gustatory considerations.

And is it just me, or is it almost impossible get the smell out of your fingers? I work at them with soap and a scrub brush, but it still seems to stick until it fades naturally over the course of the day.

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You can rub your hands on something made of stainless steel (like a sink faucet or a spoon), and that will take off the smell of garlic or onions.

I use a ceramic knife most of the time, so smashing cloves with it is out. I find that the teeth of a Garlic Twist do a nice job of breaking apart the fibers, without the excess juice (which will burn) that comes with crushing it through a press. (And you can smash the cloves with the side of it if you just want to remove the skin or need big pieces.)

for the lazy like me, frozen organic crushed garlic cubes are great for weeknights and super fast guacamole. otherwise, I like the big ass knife

Never found a good garlic press. I used this one for some time but in the end abandoned it as difficult to clean and because it left the bulk of the cloves inside the hopper.

Same system, very study, smaller and less expensive at least in europe: Rösle RS12782

Garlic presses are a travesty. Use a knife.

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