Kurt Cobain's "Unplugged" cardigan up for auction

I’ve not actively looked but just keep an eye out for something similar. Following this article i was going to google Manhattan but as you’ve said it’s not helpful. At least i’ve got that reference image to go on now though.

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I was like 17 when that happened so it hit me hard and still hurts to this day. Her reading of the note and her commentary are still hitting me powerfully re-reading them today.

Gross to imagine someone buying it as an investment or selling it for profit, but if a fan bought it out of reverence, i totally get it. I’m a really sentimental person. It’s kinda magical to hold historical objects connected to people we love, whether it be an autograph of a historical figure in a book or some personal object owned and used by your great grandparent. sarah vowell wrote about being struck with emotion watching a video of JFK’s “ich bin eine berniner” in a museum and how he folded the note in the video, and there in a display case was that note with that fold. This is kinda like that. for people of a certain generation, that sweater is connected to a really powerful moment in time.

mind you, im sure most of the fans and people really moved by Kurt Cobain arent the kind of people to have an extra 300k to spend on a thing like that.

yes, having an authenticated still photo is nice. it’s hard to catch all the details of it from the videos.

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