Kyle MacLachlan Drops a Hint via Instagram about David Lynch’s New Series

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He’s revising his role from Desperate Housewives, which took place on Wisteria Lane…


i really hope whatever special effects they use will be more special than the low budget crap used on TP the return.

Please let there be a “log lady”, please…


The special effects on Twin Peaks season 3 didn’t bother me at all.

What bothered me was that as I binged the season in one sitting, I slowly started to become transparent.

Voices drifted around me, asking me, “Why? Why? Why?”

A young girl with a worn bunny rabbit doll walked past me, backwards.

Soft music played, in some possibly foreign language.

My wife brought me plate after plate of pancakes, with strong coffee. I neither felt full, nor the need to go to the bathroom.

When I finished the finale, I got up to stretch. Beneath me was a large egg, the size which might have been laid by an Ostrich.

The egg hatched, impossibly, revealing a fully grown stork.


i felt that quite a few of the effects were very low budget and of amateur quality.


I am thinking that “shoddy” quality was intentional, adding to the sense of unreality and strangeness. Alfred Hitchcock purposely used fake looking scenic backgrounds to heighten the focus on the characters and add some strangeness.

I was hoping for TP season 4

There were no special effects in Twin Peaks: The Return. That was all real. They actually sent a camera inside a nuclear explosion to film Episode 8.

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