LA County Sheriff, sworn to uphold the law, vows to violate County vaccine mandate

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Considering how systemically racist and abusive the LASD is, I’d think people would love a chance to get rid of the bottom-level of stupid people in the ranks.


Much of the public surely would. But as the whole “Thin Blue Line” nonsense demonstrates those in American law enforcement often see themselves as separate from, or even in direct opposition to, the public they theoretically serve.


Elected sheriffs are such a stupid idea. This guy ran on being a reformer and them immediately reverted to anti-reform as soon as he was elected. There’s another election coming up next year; we’ll see how it goes. As far as I can tell, the main contender to run against him is running on a “Villanueva is a dumbass” platform.


I don’t want to be in a position to lose 5 to 10% of my workforce overnight on a vaccine mandate."


The leaders of criminal gangs always need some dimwits to do the dirty work and take the fall.


What is the solution to “end the monopoly”?

In my limited experience, private security is even worse.


How long have you been working in “private security”?


This sheriff is welcome to refuse to do his job.

His bosses should be welcome to refuse to pay him if he refuses to do his job. They should also strip him of his qualified immunity while he’s not doing his job.


So…fair and balanced community policing is not an option?


It’s simple, if he doesn’t want to uphold the law, he can’t keep the job of “upholding the law.”

The only “right” he has here is to step down from the job if he can’t do it.


Like an awful lot of other stupid things in the US politics and society, it’s something that made sense back in the 18th century, and which has never been changed even though we’re now in the 21st century.


Sure, but that’s reforming the monopoly, not replacing it with private competition. As Mister44 said, private security is often even worse (go spend time at a mall as a teenager, for instance).


So I guess if you get pulled up by a sheriff in LA, a defense is, “I didn’t want to follow that law, it’s inconvenient for me,” and they’ll have to accept that, now?


It’s worth remembering that the US Constitution is very, very old by world standards. It was of course very influential though sometimes by not following its example. For example the US based federal Constitution of Germany doesn’t have s directly elected president as the Americans for one didn’t think it a good idea.

Ours is 90 years old, is creaking at the seams, and the civilian constitutional convention has proposed wholesale changes including to things like the p resemble which set the tone. I believe it needs to be replaced with some continuity. The state is changed utterly in 90 years.


Never worked in it. Just interacted with it. They seem to be full of people looking for someone to exert authority over.

Plus you have all of the bad stories of private contractors in the Middle East. They don’t have the same ROE or internal punishment system as the military or even the cops

So again, I don’t understand what “end the monopoly” means? A privately run police force? Like OCP? Because if Robocop is the Machavilian end, maybe I’d be ok with that?

I don’t know what that means, exactly. The “community policing” I’ve seen is full of busy bodies who either don’t know the laws, or are enforcing arcane laws no one enforces, HOA minutia, and often targeting “people who don’t look like they belong here”.

So I am open to other models, but I just don’t understand what “ending the monopoly” would look like.

As much as I don’t like cops, I think policing could be reformed. There needs to be 3rd party oversight and accountability. If the suggestion is switching to a private force, I just see that as keeping all of the internal biases, and adding the external influence of who ever is paying for the private force. Or in a community setting, depending on the community, it could be even worse with biases.




“Reform” in politics just means “not the other guy”. Kind of like “common sense” means “whatever shit I believe with no evidence”


Oh yes, because privately run prisons have been such a sterling example of what for-profit incarceration is capable of.


How you got from point A then to point B from my post shall remain a mystery to me all of my days.