La Gigantesca Grua-Robot


Latin@ proto-mech-warriors!

OCR,Goog Translattion
THE GIGANTIC robot.-CRANE-Dreams and realities of cybernetics are creating numerous devices currently supplement my man in his difficult tasks. But my fantasy goes there, and brains capable mecinicos just thinking colossal mills, les sucederin Cyclops mecinicos of complicated machinery, obedient to the orders of the dashboard that simply perform tasks that today require large equipment cranes, giant excavators or operators.


I have always thought that, myself.

I believe Goya’s studio deserve credit for their early Hispano-proto-mech-warrior…


Well, that´s a quite baroque Spanish, but I will try to translate it to English:

THE GIANT ROBO-CRANE.-The dreams and facts of the cybernetics are creating many devices that nowadays supply men in their more difficult commitments. But fantasy goes beyond, and mechanical brains capable designing colossal devices will be replaced by mechanical Cyclops of complicated machinery, obedient giants serving control boards that will carry out task that today need huge crane teams, excavators, or operators.

Damn! Has this guy ever heard of periods?!

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The person in the robot window looks to be in distress - note the positions of the arms - he’s obviously waving for help.

So what’s happening? Is he no longer in control? Or was he consumed in an earlier robot attack? I see only the folly of hubris in this scene.

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“Gigantic Robots, Controlled by Wireless, to Fight Our Battles” - 1934

Maybe his girlfriend was on the train and he’s trying to get her attention but she’s too engrossed in her book to notice anything happening around her.

It has a real Bruce McCall look and feel to it.

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