Watch The Grind Master copy a neoclassical statue


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Believe me, these robots are not sending their best people.


Grind Master? Yes, I want one.


I have the weirdest hardware right now.


Ahem… I, for one, salute our… oh, never mind.

It’s only a matter of time until the Grind Master is mated to one of those Boston Dynamics cybernetic-Francis Bacon-dog-things, goes rogue during a 4-H club meeting and starts re-sculpting humans in its own image.


Anybody see a price on this jerb stealing monster?


Foam, pffft. Wood and stone have grain and a machine can’t figure that stuff out.


If you want a vision of the future, imagine a bot grinding out a human face - forever.


Given the size of pieces this makes, this seems like a big step behind molding and casting of statues out of engineered ‘stone’, resins or fiber products. It seems really messy and wastes a lot of material as well as taking a really long time.

It’s a neat demo of that a robot arm can do but maybe not the best application.


Right but I don’t think you’d use it in the same places youd use casting. You’d use it for things that are essentially one offs, either when you want a single customized statue, or where you want to make the mold or the master object to make a mold from.

I do some mold making and I commonly use a 3d printer to make masters, because I can 3d model but I can’t sculpt.


purchased for my late sister…

found to be enlightening from other angles


Gives new meaning to “milling the Buddha”, doesn’t it?


The AGO has an olde timey reproduction/reduction system thingee on display that was used to make smaller copies of famous busts. Pretty cool tech from back when.


3D pantographs are still used for monument production. Maquettes are usually sculpted at 1/4 or 1/8 scale and the enlargement is offloaded to a foundry.

Picture is from where there is more information on the process.

ETA: never search “foundries offering enlargement services” while you are at work. Or maybe ever.


Pfft. My three-year-old could do that, if he was a robot, and had the right software. And a Dremel.


They’re sending robots that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drug-bots. They’re bringing crime-bots. They’re rape-bots. And some, I assume, are good robots.


I’m insulted! Well, maybe not so much.


They make rape-bots now?


It’s like the modern equivalent of the Mold-A-Rama. Anybody remember those?


The better question is if someone buys a rape bot,and trained it to rape someone, would that be rape, or aggravated assault with a weapon?

Well, actually, yours is a more interesting question, but both are curious. Im sure someone is designing one right now for the people who actually have rape fantasies (people who want to be raped), who actually exist.