La-La Land Records: movie and TV soundtracks for the absolutely obsessed


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Thanks for making me aware of this company. I’m not obsessive enough to buy these sets, but I do like soundtracks a lot.


The big problem with scores like this is that all too often the tracks are over in less than a minute and then it’s on to the next thing.

I reckon they could make rather tremendous scratch if they managed to get Alf Clausen’s work on The Simpsons, especially with the publicity from his retirement.


Meh. If I’m going to buy physical media it’s going to be vinyl. Not out of any delusion of audio superiority but because it’s a nicer physical object to own.


As a ST-TOS fanatic, I bought the Star Trek set from La-La when they released it a few years back. It really is amazing. Alternate takes, unused music … it’s literally (not figuratively, literally) got every piece of music recorded for the series, and then some (and by that, I mean the newly recorded versions of the theme song done for the Remastered version of the series). I have some of their other sets as well. They do good work.

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