LA Magazine wrote an entire article on how cool Souplantation is

Am just gonna guess here that they featured Romaine. That stuff can definitely surprise you.

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Maybe fast food would be cheaper, but I don’t see how you could get a comparably semi-healthy meal for cheaper than that.

That is one fucked up name for a restaurant.

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My all time favorite L.A. salad bar was at RJ’s the Rib Joint in Beverly Hills, one of Bob Morris’ restaurants (today think Gladstone’s). They made their money on meat dishes, drinks and very thickly frosted chocolate cake slices, but for your vegetarian friend the very extensive salad bar was only $9 as well as massive potatoes baked in clay - you’d probably take some of that home with you. The salad bar was so extensive they designed it to snake around rather than go in a straight line.

I know what you mean but I find certain places give enough food that it isn’t a bad deal. Portion sizes getting out of hand is a huge win for the consumer if you don’t eat it all- I don’t like paying $10 for a meal, but if it’s enough food for 2 meals then it’s ok and if enough for 3 is a pretty decent deal.


Souplantation’s biggest rival - Souper!Salad! - was systematically taken out of the equation here in the L.A. area by the Buffet Mafia (aka Big Buffet) years ago. If it wasn’t for the East Coast Smorgasborg Conglomerate known as HomeTown Buffet, Souplantation’s reign of terror (and free refills) would continue uncontested.

I knew that logo looked familiar. Sweet Tomatoes, as they were called here, closed completely in Illinois back in 2016 with no notice. Didn’t realize it was still in operation.

Still called Sweet Tomatoes in AZ and NM (and, I suspect, the rest of the West outside of California.) No complaints here; in NM they get to zing up the offerings for local tastes; elsewhere the supposedly picante offerings are gringoed to bland. Here, they’re actually interesting.

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