LA prosecutors won't charge Saudi sheik with multiple sexual assaults because “insufficient evidence”


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It’s all shits and giggles until somebody get hurt.



As we learned with Cosby, “multiple” women won’t cut it, we need at least 30, only then we can take their “allegations” seriously.


Maybe the Saudi royal family paid the victims to tell the DA they wouldn’t testify in court. They do have an awful lot of money to throw at a problem like this.


That was my guess, too. Their “insufficient evidence” is a lack of witnesses willing to testify due to being paid off.


That leaves a trail and can encourage others, a phone call to the powers that be is much easier and far more effective both at squelching the present problem and to make it clear to the underlings (LAPD in this case) that the Saudis are untouchable and don’t embarrass them with an arrest again.


The “alleged” victims are still all suing him, though, so…

When I first read about this, I knew there would be a lot of pressure on prosecutors to drop this, but I thought it was just too egregious to ignore. I guess I was wrong.


And here I thought my opinion of the LAPD couldn’t sink any lower. Oops.


Yet a dumb drunk kid taking a leak in an alley can end up on the sex offender registry. The cowardly worship of money over justice makes me sick.


Maybe the prosecutor actually knows what will stick and what won’t. Maybe they don’t want to waste time prosecuting when they think the accused will get off scot-free, no matter how well they do their job. You think maybe a prince can afford a lawyer or two?

Besides, we’ve already found the guy guilty. Who needs a trial?



If someone was bought off, it was almost certainly the witnesses (and possibly some victims), not the prosecutor.


and this, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the benefits of having money. the more money you have, the more justice you have. which also means, less justice for those who have less money.
is that fair? depends on how much money you have. money – apparently – determines fairness and therefor justice. so you can decide: what’s more important for governing the world we live in, morals or possessions?


Seems like the PD did their job and alleged multiple assaults. It’s the DA’s office you’re supposed to be outraged at on this one.


Yep, you’re right. Chalk it up to the years of living South Central and watching the sharp end of the good-ol’-boys network “protect and serve”. But when I’m wrong, I’m wrong.


And family back home?


I hope you’re cynical. I don’t want to live in a society that accepts dropped cases before even trying to prosecute because the suspect is rich and can afford good lawyers.



Money isn’t speech, it’s freedom