LA Times barred from press-screenings of Disney movies after reporting on corporate welfare in Anaheim


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So, simple: every time the LA Times misses out on a press screening, they should post an article with the headline of a movie review, but just recap the situation, and urge folks to boycott these motherfuckers.


and then unionize!


Media in a corporatist state. Not to be confused with what happens in a functional democracy with an elite capable of feeling shame. Then again, what Disney’s doing is what’s needed for MAGA.


And then have the Times shut down like Gothamist and DNAinfo!


But I’ve heard they have a great haunted house.


Exactly what Trump would do. Surprised that Disney didn’t tweet a press release about the “failing LA Times.”


There you go. If the media didn’t have such a liberal bias and allowed more conservative viewpoints on the air, this sort of thing wouldn’t fly.

I’m not going to dignify that with a sarcasm tag. Sarcasm: Read! Write! Distribute!

I can’t help but notice that when people suspect that their government is run by a monster, they take to the streets, yelling and waving signs.

When they suspect that their place of employment is run by a monster, it gets real quiet.


Disneyland is also showering the residents with toxins. Maybe LA Times should follow up on this 2008 article. Polluting less per show doesn’t mean not polluting. Disneyland boasts of running fireworks “year round.”


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