Lacoste drops its iconic crocodile to bring awareness to 10 endangered animals


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So, Garanimals for preppies?


They never pick ugly animals.


“Bringing attention” and “extremely limited run.” Seems counter-intuitive, but ok.


Excuse me as I fall into jaded aid worker mode.

Meh. Bullshit CSR awareness campaign.


Many years ago I had a “Polo” shirt that sported a polo stick wielding Gumby astride a galloping Pokey. I loved that shirt and wore it until it had dissolved to the point that parts of it were mere atoms of cotton desperately clinging together. I think I’ll go ask Mr. Google if this is still available somewhere.


Would any of the people reading this story have read or talked about the Anegada Rock Iguana today without this campaign? Sometimes raising awareness works best by grabbing the media’s penchant for novelty and conspicuous consumption.


I too admire the spirit of this campaign. I mean, if you can’t profit off people’s environmental awareness, why do they even bother having any?


A shame Lacoste shirts seem to be pretty shit quality now. A friend of mine used to wear his dad’s old ones he bought in the 80s and they were still fine. So I thought I would give it a shot and bought one a few years back. It went twisted after two or three machine washes, just like any other 20,- shirt.


But ya see, they’ll see them to extremely important people, who are style makers and taste makers that we all care about! /s


“Was Lacostet die Welt, Geld spielt keine Rolex!”


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