Somehow a little alligator was far cooler than this tiger


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I never cared for the whole alligator/tiger/whatever thing.
I did have a members only jacket in the late 80s that was a clearance sale item. The cool part was my then girlfriend at the time painted a dragon on the back of it. I kinda wish I still had it.


Nice. I am pretty sure @frauenfelder still wears his when he goes out street busking/breakdancing.


Mine wasn’t a clearance sale item. I paid full price and I loved it so hard. Members Only turned me cool.


I went from being too poor to have any options to being a goth/new-wave kid who only wore white dress shirts, untucked, and black pants, and $4 “kung-fu” shoes. I did have a bad ass leather jacket with a big PIL logo airbrushed on the back.

But we did have kids at my school who apparently owned so many Izod shirts they needed to wear more than one at a time. I shit you not, this was a thing. Same people who owned and wore ten SWATCH watches.


I had one of these:

In case you can’t tell, it’s a dead alligator. I couldn’t afford a live one.


My favorite funny one was two alligators… It’s a Fucking Alligator Shirt.
Sadly I can’t find a picutre.


There was some horrible polo knockoff called something like Excalibur?? with the polo horse but a knight, i think.


Those knockoffs were widely available for pennies on the dollar overseas when I was a kid, back in the ole’ century. Oh, my days as a sailor do come back to haunt me.


I knew what the music was going to be before I clicked the vid. really catchy, could have been a pop single of the day. never wore “sports shirts”/polos, tho.

of course, the name belongs to Kathleen Hannah et. al. now


I was a B.U.M. kinda guy in the 80s. With my Reebok High-tops and neon headband, of course. This kinda wannabe prep wasn’t my thing.


That cool soundtrack was what really drew the kids in.


O.G. GARANIMALS fo’ life!


Exactly. Match the animals and you have a matching outfit. Why can’t adult clothing work that way?




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