Anthony Geary of General Hospital touts the virtues of Members Only jackets (1982)


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It’s Hackerman! The greatest hacker of all time!



Looks wicked classy with the bow tie. As he and his lady strolled out of the studio you can be sure they hopped in his DeLorean and then went to Spago for dinner.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, those pants need some strategic butt-covering.

And dang, the 80s were a bad time for hair.


We now can look back on the 80s with the same horror we see in the 70s.
There was some awful stuff then.


Is it bad that I think some of these are… almost kinda snazzy? Just … the colors, I am not quite sure about. Maybe the black one.


Man, I actually had one of those jackets in High School… nothing happened.


My dad’s silicon valley startup gave all their employees these jackets for some reason. It was probably the only fashionable thing he owned, which is also probably why he didn’t wear it often.


Maybe you didn’t have the hair or sunglasses that went with the jacket, as featured in the commercial.


Damn! That was my problem! You would think the Jacket and a Casio calculator watch would have been enough.


Yep!, I have a MOj in baby blue I wear to all my cool guy nerd conventions.


I rocked a black Members Only jacket in the 80s. To be honest, I kinda miss it.


I’m wearing mine right now. And something is happening.


I know what happened every time he donned his Members Only jacket - he got a fistful of $50s right to his wallet-hole!


I have an erection. It exists because I watched this video. A members only jacket would prolong my erection.


For the ultimate 80s combo (although technically not official):


The sprog found a leather Members Only knock off at the the thrift store… It actually looks pretty good on him.
I had an olive drab? some light green/brown thing from them that my then girlygirl painted a pretty cool dragon on the back of but this was quite a bit after 1982.


Members of what?


Just came here to say: I was young in the 80’s and I can’t be held culpable.

So glad.

Look, you’re going to have to take my word for it that I’m not on the hook for “Friends”.