Lactic acid bacteria chocolate, another delicious treat from Japan

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I can’t imagine the little guys survive the chocolatemaking process, sadly. A reality that is likely true for pretty much any nonrefrigerated “probiotic”. But 1) it’s chocolate, and 2) maybe it’s better for you, so have at it. :smiley:


Dark chocolate is already good for you, in moderation. Milk chocolate with all sorts of added sweeteners, not so much. But who wants that crap anyway?

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Milk chocolate varies greatly by market. E.g. the EU was rumoured to be thinking about making certain manufacturers (hurrumph Cadbury?) call their "dairy’ milk chocolate ‘vegelate’ becauseit contained so little dairy and a lot of other non-dairy fats. Most US milk chocolate has been something I have tried multiple times and never liked. Whereas Lindt, for example, tastes completely different - very good, indeed, in comparison.

I was expecting a description on the taste and feel of the chocolate. Care to elaborate further?

I love these, not because they’re particularly great, but because it’s so much fun to offer a chocolatey “collon” to friends.



I’ve always been more of a couque d’asses man

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I give you 乳酸菌シンドローム “Lactic Acid Bacteria Syndrome”.

HA! That’s my other favorite!

(and honestly, that one tastes much better.)

Probiotics can survive up to 110F or so. It’s possible that the bacteria gets added to the chocolate while in the cooling stage but still be soft. I don’t imagine that the bacteria would necessarily need to be mixed into the cooling bars, just forced in somehow. Injected?

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